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European patents

An invention can be, for example, a product, a process or an apparatus. To be patentable, it must be new, industrially applicable and involve an inventive step. Patents which are granted by the European Patent Office (EPO) under the European Patent Convention are called European patents. The granted European patent is a "bundle" of individual national patents. European Patents are valid in individual European countries for specified periods, usually twenty years from the date of filing of the application. However, if you are seeking protection only in Turkey, it may be best to apply for a Turkish patent to the Turkish patent institute (TPE). Our European/Turkish patent Attorneys represent you in all the pre-grant proceedings and post-grant proceedings before the EPO and the TPE

European Patent Application

The European Patent Office accepts European patent applications under the European Patent Convention (EPC).

A European patent application consists of:

• a request for grant
• a description of the invention
• claims
• drawings (if any)
• an abstract.

Although the services of a professional representative before the EPO are mandatory only for applicants residing outside Europe, we strongly advised you to seek our legal advices and appoint our European patent attorneys to act in all proceedings before the EPO. Our European patent attorneys can draft your patent applications in accordance with the requirements of the European patent convention, file them with the filing office of the EPO, and prosecute them before the responsible section/divisions of the EPO.

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