About Optimum Patent

Optimum Patent Office Consultancy Limited Co. has been established in Turkey for the purpose of creating sufficient awareness and consciousness on intellectual and industrial property rights, and offering consultancy and attorney services in this regard.

OPTİMUM Patent Office Consultancy Limited Co. offers consultancy and attorney services to persons and firms in the following topics:

Although the intellectual and industrial property law foes back to the Ottoman period in Turkey, it has not been sufficiently applied until 1995, with no belief for the protection fo such rights until then. With the following legislation enacted in 1995

a ground has been created in Turkey for a modern intellectual and industrial property law.

With the new legislations, number of applications, which were few compared to the country size, gradually increased day by day and now over a hundred patent, utility models, hundreds of industrial designs and about 300 brand applications are announced to the public by the Turkish Patent Institute.

Despite many important recent developments, registration system is still not known by all entrepreneurs. Many enterprise owners do not apply for registration believing that no sufficient protection will be provided, or that its invention is not appropriate for patenting or is totally unaware about the topic.

At this point, we and other patent offices like ours, as a private company rendering attorney services before the Turkish Patent Institute make disclosures to firms in meetings held by associations through seminars or meetings and ensure they are protected thru registration after determining the need and showing them the ways of protection.

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